Basque Pelota at the 2023 Pan American Games Medal Table, Events, and Participating Nations

Explore the exciting world of Basque Pelota at the 2023 Pan American Games, including medal tables, events, and the nations participating. Get the latest insights and updates in this comprehensive article.

Welcome to an in-depth exploration of Basque Pelota at the 2023 Pan American Games, where we delve into the medal table, events, and the nations that have brought their finest athletes to the Spanish Stadium.

Basque Pelota at the 2023 Pan American Games Medal Table, Events, and Participating Nations

This prestigious sporting event, scheduled from October 31, 2023, to November 5, 2023, promises thrilling action and fierce competition among 66 competitors from 12 qualifying countries. Let’s embark on this journey to uncover the triumphs, stories, and achievements that make Basque Pelota an integral part of the Pan American Games.

Basque Pelota at a Glance

Basque Pelota is a fast-paced, traditional sport with deep roots in Basque culture, known for its thrilling gameplay and athleticism. It’s a sport that combines elements of handball, tennis, and squash, played with various types of balls and court walls. At the 2023 Pan American Games, Basque Pelota takes center stage, captivating audiences with its unique blend of skill and strategy.

Medal Table

Here, we present the medal table for Basque Pelota at the 2023 Pan American Games, highlighting the achievements of talented athletes:

Men’s Doubles Trinquete Rubber Ball
Men’s Individual Fronton Rubber Ball
Men’s Doubles Frontenis
Men’s Frontball
Women’s Doubles Trinquete Rubber Ball
Women’s Individual Fronton Rubber Ball
Women’s Doubles Frontenis
Women’s Frontball

The medal table will be updated as the games progress, so stay tuned for the latest results and rankings.

Participating Nations

A total of 12 countries have sent their best athletes to compete in Basque Pelota at the 2023 Pan American Games. Let’s take a closer look at these nations and the number of competitors they’ve brought:

  1. Argentina (10): Argentina, a powerhouse in South American sports, has fielded a strong team of 10 athletes.
  2. Bolivia (2): Bolivia is making its mark with a talented duo representing the nation.
  3. Brazil (1): Brazil, known for its passion for sports, has one representative competing for glory.
  4. Chile (12): Chile boasts a sizable contingent of 12 athletes, ready to showcase their skills.
  5. Costa Rica (1): Costa Rica is making a solo appearance at the Pan American Games.
  6. Cuba (6): Cuba, renowned for its athletic prowess, has sent six athletes to compete.
  7. Guatemala (1): Guatemala is proudly represented by one athlete at the games.
  8. Mexico (12): Mexico, a sports-loving nation, has a robust team of 12 competitors.
  9. Peru (7): Peru, rich in culture and sports tradition, has seven athletes vying for medals.
  10. United States (3): The United States, a sporting giant, has three representatives in the competition.
  11. Uruguay (7): Uruguay fields a team of seven athletes, eager to make their mark.
  12. Venezuela (4): Venezuela brings four talented athletes to the competition.

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Basque Pelota Events

Basque Pelota at the 2023 Pan American Games features a variety of events that test the skills and agility of athletes. Let’s explore these thrilling events:

Men’s Events

Doubles Trinquete Rubber Ball

The men’s doubles trinquete rubber ball event promises high-speed action as teams compete for the prestigious gold medal. The trinquete court’s narrow dimensions make this event a true test of precision and teamwork.

Individual Fronton Rubber Ball

In the individual fronton rubber ball event, male athletes showcase their solo skills, using the fronton court’s walls to their advantage. Expect fast-paced rallies and strategic gameplay.

Doubles Frontenis

Doubles frontenis is a dynamic event that demands quick reflexes and coordination between teammates. It’s a crowd-favorite, known for its thrilling rallies and competitive spirit.


Frontball combines athleticism and strategy as competitors aim to outmaneuver their opponents. The men’s frontball event promises exciting matchups and displays of skill.

Women’s Events

Doubles Trinquete Rubber Ball

The women’s doubles trinquete rubber ball event is a showcase of female talent in Basque Pelota. Teams compete fiercely, aiming for gold in this dynamic event.

Individual Fronton Rubber Ball

Female athletes display their individual prowess in the fronton rubber ball event. Watch as they use the court’s walls to execute impressive shots and strategies.

Doubles Frontenis

Doubles frontenis in the women’s category offers fans thrilling rallies and intense competition. Teamwork and agility play crucial roles in this event.


The women’s frontball event promises captivating gameplay as athletes employ various techniques to gain the upper hand. It’s a testament to the sport’s diversity and excitement.


Basque Pelota at the 2023 Pan American Games promises to be a thrilling showcase of athleticism, strategy, and international camaraderie. As athletes from 12 nations compete for medals, the world will witness the beauty and excitement of this traditional sport. Stay updated with the latest results and enjoy the captivating matches throughout this prestigious event.

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