Billie Jean King Cup Finals 2023 Schedule – Time, Dates, and Matches

Twelve teams will make their way to Seville, Spain, to compete for the most prestigious team award in women’s tennis from November 7th to 12th. Discover which teams are participating and learn the schedule and viewing options.

Seville, Spain, is set to host the concluding week of 2023’s premier women’s tennis events for the first time ever.

Billie Jean King Cup Finals 2023 Schedule - Time, Dates, and Matches

The Billie Jean King Cup, which is the premier international team event in women’s tennis, will showcase the world’s top 12 nations as they vie for the esteemed trophy. Last year, Switzerland triumphed for their inaugural win of the Cup.

Billie Jean King Cup Finals 2023 Schedule

The Finals of the Billie Jean King Cup have descended upon Seville, bringing together a new cohort of national squads all vying for triumph.

Tuesday, 7 Nov1000Australia v Slovenia
1600Switzerland v Czechia
Wednesday, 8 Nov1000France v Italy
1600Spain v Canada
Thursday, 9 Nov1000Australia v KazakhstanCentre Court
1000Italy v GermanyCourt One
1600USA v SwitzerlandCentre Court
1600Canada v PolandCourt One
Friday, 10 Nov1000France v GermanyCentre Court
1000Kazakhstan v SloveniaCourt One
1600Spain v PolandCentre Court
1600USA v CzechiaCourt One
Saturday, 11 Nov1000Semi-final 1: Winner B vs. Winner D
1600Semi-final 2: Winner A vs. Winner C
Sunday, 12 Nov1500Final

This venerable competition commemorates its 60th anniversary since the first tournament, initially known as the Federation Cup or Fed Cup, commenced. The teams are eager to honor this milestone with a win.