Cycling at the 2023 Pan American Games Medal Table, Dates, Venue, and Events

Dive into the exhilarating world of cycling at the 2023 Pan American Games. Discover medal table insights, key dates, and event details right here.

Cycling at the 2023 Pan American Games Medal Table, Dates, Venue, and Events

Pedal power is set to take center stage this year at the much-anticipated 2023 Pan American Games. From mountain terrains to high-speed tracks, this festivity of cycle races promises to captivate audiences and showcase the best talent from the Americas. But what’s in store?

Medal Table

The gold rush is on! With nations competing for those coveted top spots, the medal table is bound to shift and shape with every race. Will previous champions maintain their silver streak or will underdogs rise to the challenge, clinching bronze battles and more?


Men’s racing
Women’s racing

BMX freestyle

Men’s freestyle
Women’s freestyle

Mountain biking

Men’s cross-country
Women’s cross-country

Road cycling

Men’s road race
Women’s road race
Men’s time trial
Women’s time trial

Track cycling

Men’s team pursuit
Women’s team pursuit
Men’s individual sprint
Women’s individual sprint
Men’s team sprint
Women’s team sprint
Men’s keirin
Women’s keirin
Men’s omnium
Women’s omnium
Men’s madison
Women’s madison

Vital Dates to Remember

Mark your calendars! The championship kicks off on October 21, wrapping up with a grand finale on November 5. With an event-packed calendar, every day promises a new dose of excitement and a chance to witness history in the making.

Venues Unveiled

Spectator spots this year are diverse, ranging from dirt tracks for BMX enthusiasts to smooth asphalt paths for road race aficionados.

  • Circuito BMX (BMX): Get ready for some dirt track drama. With high jumps and tight turns, the BMX buzz is undeniable.
  • Pista de skateboarding (BMX freestyle): Watch as athletes showcase their spins and tricks in skate zones that promise thrill-a-minute action.
  • Morro Solar (mountain biking): Navigating rough terrains, bikers will face hill challenges unlike any other.
  • Circuito San Miguel (road): As racers pedal down speedy circuits, fans are in for a treat on these asphalt paths.
  • Velodrome (track): From speedy laps to strategic races, the Velodrome offers spectators a chance to get close to the track tales and cycle stadium energy.

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  • How many events are scheduled for the 2023 Pan American Games?
    • There are a total of 22 cycling events, split evenly between men and women.
  • When does the cycling championship begin and end?
    • The action begins on October 21 and concludes on November 5.
  • Are there any new venues introduced this year?
    • Yes, the Pista de skateboarding for BMX freestyle is one to look out for.
  • Which country bagged the most medals in the last Pan American Games?
    • For the latest medal table insights, keep an eye on our daily updates.
  • How can I buy tickets?
    • Tickets can be purchased online or at selected retail outlets. Check our fan guide for more details.
  • What safety measures are in place due to the ongoing pandemic?
    • Safety protocols have been rigorously implemented, including crowd control, sanitization, and more.

Conclusion: Pedaling Towards Glory

As we race towards the conclusion of our PanAm coverage, one thing is clear – the passion for cycling is unmatched. From the rugged terrains of Morro Solar to the sleek tracks of the Velodrome, the 2023 Pan American Games promise a journey of highs, lows, thrills, and unforgettable moments. Here’s to pedaling towards glory and celebrating the spirit of sport!