ISPL 2024 Points Table and Standings Today

The Indian Street Premiere League (ISPL) 2024 is in full swing, with teams battling it out on the streets of India’s major cities. As the tournament progresses, the points table and standings are constantly evolving, reflecting the intense competition among the participating teams.

ISPL 2024 Points Table

15th March 2024

1Majhi Mumbai (Q)5320061.247
2Tigers Of Kolkata (Q)5320060.500
3Srinagar Ke Veer (Q)5320060.156
4Chennai Singhams (Q)532006-0.017
5Bangalore Strikers523004-1.013
6Falcon Risers Hyderabad514002-0.688
1Majhi Mumbai (Q)5320061.247
2Srinagar Ke Veer (Q)4310060.351
3Tigers Of Kolkata4220040.481
4Chennai Singhams422004-0.349
5Bangalore Strikers523004-1.013
6Falcon Risers Hyderabad413002-0.522
ISPL 2024 Points Table and Standings

Standings Overview

At the top of the table, Majhi Mumbai and Srinagar Ke Veer have both qualified for the next round, denoted by the (Q) next to their names. These two teams have been in exceptional form, securing 6 points each with impressive net run rates of 1.247 and 0.351, respectively.

Close behind are the Tigers Of Kolkata and Chennai Singhams, tied at 4 points apiece. The Tigers Of Kolkata have a slight edge in terms of net run rate, sitting at 0.481 compared to Chennai Singhams’ -0.349.

The Bangalore Strikers, despite having played one more match than most other teams, find themselves in fifth place with 4 points and a net run rate of -1.013. They will be looking to improve their performance in the upcoming matches to climb up the standings.

Currently at the bottom of the table are the Falcon Risers Hyderabad, with 2 points from their four matches and a net run rate of -0.522. However, with plenty of matches still to be played, they have the opportunity to turn their campaign around and make a push for the top spots.

Key Takeaways

  1. Majhi Mumbai and Srinagar Ke Veer have already qualified for the next round, showcasing their dominance in the tournament so far.
  2. The middle of the table is tightly contested, with the Tigers Of Kolkata, Chennai Singhams, and Bangalore Strikers all vying for a top-four finish.
  3. Falcon Risers Hyderabad will need to step up their game in the remaining matches to avoid finishing at the bottom of the standings.

As the ISPL 2024 continues, fans can expect more thrilling encounters and potential upsets that could drastically change the points table and standings. With the top teams looking to consolidate their positions and the others fighting for a spot in the next round, the tournament promises to be an enthralling spectacle for cricket enthusiasts across India.