110th Grey Cup Date, Time, Venue, Live Stream, and Announcers on 19th November 2023

Get all the details you need for the 110th Grey Cup happening on November 19, 2023, at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, Ontario. Learn about the game time, venue, live stream options, and the announcers who will bring you the action. Plus, find FAQs for additional information.

110th Grey Cup Date, Time, Venue, Live Stream Options, and Announcers

The 110th Grey Cup is just around the corner, and Canadian football fans are gearing up for an exciting showdown. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about this highly anticipated event. From the date and time of the game to the venue, live stream options, and the announcers who will bring you the action, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive into the details of the 110th Grey Cup!

Game Details

Date and Time

  • Date: November 19, 2023
  • Time: 6 PM ET

Mark your calendars because on November 19th, 2023, the 110th Grey Cup will kick off at 6 PM Eastern Time. It’s going to be an evening filled with football excitement that you won’t want to miss.


  • Stadium: Tim Hortons Field
  • Location: Hamilton, Ontario

The stage for this year’s Grey Cup is none other than Tim Hortons Field in the beautiful city of Hamilton, Ontario. This iconic stadium will witness epic plays and unforgettable moments as the teams battle it out for glory.

Grey Cup 2023 Live Stream Options

If you can’t make it to the stadium, worry not! There are multiple live stream options available for you to catch all the action from the comfort of your home.

  • Canada (English): TSN
  • Canada (French): RDS
  • Worldwide: CFL+

Whether you prefer to watch in English or French, TSN and RDS have you covered. For international fans, CFL+ is your passport to the 110th Grey Cup. Simply tune in to your preferred broadcaster and enjoy the game.

Grey Cup 2023 Live Stream Options
Grey Cup 2023 Live Stream Options

In Canada, when it comes to sports coverage in English, one of the most prominent and widely recognized networks is TSN (The Sports Network). TSN is a go-to destination for sports enthusiasts across the country. It offers comprehensive coverage of various sports, including hockey, basketball, football, and more. Whether it’s live games, in-depth analysis, or the latest sports news, TSN is the primary choice for English-speaking sports fans in Canada.

On the other hand, for the French-speaking population of Canada, especially in the province of Quebec, the premier sports network is RDS (Réseau des sports). RDS is the equivalent of TSN for French-speaking Canadians, and it provides extensive coverage of sports events and programming tailored to the French-speaking audience. Much like TSN, RDS is known for its dedication to delivering high-quality sports content to its viewers.

When we expand our perspective beyond Canada’s borders and look at the global audience interested in Canadian Football League (CFL) content, there’s a platform called CFL+ that caters to this worldwide fanbase. CFL+ offers fans from around the world the opportunity to access CFL games, highlights, and exclusive content. It’s a digital platform that connects CFL enthusiasts regardless of their geographical location, allowing them to stay connected with their favorite Canadian football teams and players.

In summary, Canada boasts two major sports networks, TSN for English-speaking audiences and RDS for French-speaking viewers, offering comprehensive sports coverage within the country. For CFL fans worldwide, CFL+ serves as the global hub for accessing CFL content, ensuring that fans everywhere can enjoy the excitement of Canadian football.

Meet the Announcers

The announcers play a crucial role in bringing the game to life for viewers. Get to know the voices behind the action:

  • Rod Smith (Play-by-Play): Rod Smith will lead the play-by-play commentary, providing real-time insights and analysis as the game unfolds.
  • Glen Suitor (Analyst): Glen Suitor, our expert analyst, will break down the game’s key moments, strategy, and player performances.
  • Claire Hanna (Sideline Reporter): Claire Hanna will be your sideline reporter, delivering updates, interviews, and behind-the-scenes stories from the field.
  • Matthew Scianitti (Sideline Reporter): Joining Claire on the sidelines, Matthew Scianitti will provide additional coverage and unique perspectives on the game.


The 110th Grey Cup promises to be a thrilling event that brings together football enthusiasts from across Canada and around the world. With all the details on the date, time, venue, live stream options, and announcers, you’re now well-prepared to enjoy the game to the fullest. So, mark your calendar, gather your friends and family, and get ready for an unforgettable Grey Cup experience!

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