Jordan vs Qatar Referee Names for AFC Asian Cup Final 2024

In the world of football, the AFC Asian Cup Final is one of the most anticipated events, showcasing the pinnacle of talent and sportsmanship. One crucial aspect often overlooked is the team of referees overseeing the match. The 2024 final between Jordan and Qatar is no exception, with a distinguished panel of officials led by Referee Ma Ning from China. Let’s delve deeper into the referee lineup and their roles in this monumental clash.

Jordan vs Qatar Referee Names

Meet the Referees

Here’s a breakdown of the officials entrusted with maintaining fairness and integrity during the AFC Asian Cup Final 2024:

RefereeMa NingChina
Assistant Referee 1Zhou FeiChina
Assistant Referee 2Zhang ChengChina
Fourth OfficialIlgiz TantashevUzbekistan
Reserve ARAndrei TsapenkoUzbekistan
VARFu MingChina
AVARJumpei IidaJapan
Referee AssessorSaad Al-FadhliKuwait

Ma Ning: Leading with Experience

As the main referee for the AFC Asian Cup Final 2024, Ma Ning brings a wealth of experience to the field. Hailing from China, Ma Ning has officiated numerous high-profile matches, demonstrating his impeccable judgment and firm control over the game. His presence instills confidence in players and fans alike, ensuring a fair contest.

Zhou Fei and Zhang Cheng: A Unified Team

Assisting Ma Ning are Zhou Fei and Zhang Cheng, both from China. The synergy between these assistant referees is essential in making accurate offside calls and assisting the main referee in crucial decisions. Their seamless coordination contributes to the smooth flow of the game, enhancing the overall spectator experience.

Ilgiz Tantashev and Andrei Tsapenko: Maintaining Order

Ilgiz Tantashev from Uzbekistan takes on the role of the fourth official, supported by reserve AR Andrei Tsapenko, also from Uzbekistan. Together, they oversee substitutions, manage player conduct, and ensure compliance with the rules of the game. Their presence on the sidelines is vital in maintaining order and fairness throughout the match.

Fu Ming and Jumpei Iida: Embracing Technology

The introduction of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has revolutionized football officiating, and Fu Ming from China and AVAR Jumpei Iida from Japan are at the forefront of this technological advancement. Utilizing instant replays and multiple camera angles, they assist the on-field officials in making accurate decisions on crucial incidents, such as goals, penalties, and red card offenses.

Saad Al-Fadhli: Upholding Standards

As the Referee Assessor, Saad Al-Fadhli from Kuwait plays a crucial role in evaluating the performance of the officiating team. With his vast knowledge of the game and officiating standards, Al-Fadhli provides valuable feedback to enhance the competency of referees and assistant referees, ensuring consistency and fairness in future matches.

Exploring Key Moments

Throughout the AFC Asian Cup Final 2024, each referee will face unique challenges and pivotal moments that could influence the outcome of the game. Let’s explore some of these scenarios:

VAR Intervention: A Game-Changing Decision

In a tightly contested match, a controversial foul occurs inside the penalty area, leading to a heated debate among players and fans. With emotions running high, Referee Ma Ning consults VAR Fu Ming to review the incident. After careful analysis, the decision is made, resulting in a crucial penalty kick that could tip the scales in favor of one team.

Offside Controversy: Precision of Assistant Referees

As the attacking team mounts a swift counterattack, Assistant Referees Zhou Fei and Zhang Cheng must maintain laser-like focus to accurately judge the position of players. A split-second decision could determine whether a goal-scoring opportunity is allowed or thwarted. The precision and decisiveness of the assistant referees are put to the test, ensuring fairness for both teams.

Sideline Management: Fourth Official’s Authority

Amidst intense gameplay, the fourth official, Ilgiz Tantashev, faces the challenge of managing the technical area and enforcing discipline among coaching staff. Clear communication and assertiveness are key as Tantashev ensures that team officials adhere to the rules and refrain from disruptive behavior that could impact the flow of the match.

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