Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024 Umpires and Match Officials Names

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024 season is starting soon. The PSL will have exciting cricket games. The umpires and match officials are important people who make the PSL happen. This guide introduces the umpires and officials for PSL 2024. It talks about their backgrounds and experience. Knowing about them sheds light on these unsung heroes of the PSL. They make sure the games are fair. They also uphold the spirit of cricket.

Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024 Umpires and Match Officials Names

Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024 Umpires and Match Officials

From revered veterans of the game to promising newcomers, the PSL 2024 roster features umpires of diverse backgrounds but unified in their dedication to upholding the integrity of the sport. As we anticipate the thrill of fierce bowling spells, dynamic run chases and acrobatic fielding displays in PSL 2024, it is also timely to spotlight the unsung arbiters who will play a pivotal role in steering matches to riveting conclusions. This diverse crew of umpires brings depth and wisdom to shape engrossing contests for the ages.

Umpire NameCountry
Richard IllingworthEngland
Chris GaffneyNew Zealand
Ahsan RazaPakistan
Michael GoughEngland
Aleem DarPakistan
Abdul MoqeetPakistan
Tariq RasheedPakistan
Shozab RazaPakistan
Rashid RiazPakistan
Faisal AfridiPakistan
Ruchira PalliyagurugeSri Lanka
Asif YaqoobPakistan
Alex WharfEngland
Nasir HussainPakistan
Imran JawedPakistan
Muhammad AsifPakistan

Referee Names

Referee NameCountry
Roshan MahanamaSri Lanka
Ali NaqviPakistan
Muhammad JavedPakistan

Richard Illingworth (England)

Renowned for his sharp decision-making and astute judgment, Richard Illingworth brings a wealth of experience to the PSL arena. Hailing from England, Illingworth’s presence instills confidence among players and spectators alike.

Chris Gaffney (New Zealand)

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for the game, Chris Gaffney from New Zealand adds an international flavor to the umpiring panel. His consistent officiating ensures that matches unfold smoothly, maintaining the integrity of the sport.

Ahsan Raza (Pakistan)

A local favorite, Ahsan Raza represents Pakistan with pride and dedication. His intimate knowledge of the cricketing landscape coupled with a calm demeanor makes him a valuable asset to the PSL 2024 lineup.

Michael Gough (England)

Hailing from England, Michael Gough brings a no-nonsense approach to umpiring, earning him respect from players and coaches worldwide. His commitment to fairness and accuracy sets the standard for umpiring excellence.

Aleem Dar (Pakistan)

A stalwart of Pakistani cricket, Aleem Dar’s name is synonymous with integrity and professionalism. As one of the most experienced umpires in the game, Dar’s presence adds prestige to the PSL 2024.

Abdul Moqeet (Pakistan)

Rising through the ranks, Abdul Moqeet represents the next generation of Pakistani umpires. His passion for the sport and commitment to continuous improvement make him a promising prospect for the future.

Tariq Rasheed (Pakistan)

With a career spanning decades, Tariq Rasheed’s experience brings a sense of gravitas to the umpiring team. His steady demeanor and unwavering focus ensure that every decision is made with utmost clarity.

Shozab Raza (Pakistan)

Known for his decisive yet fair approach, Shozab Raza commands respect on the field. His adherence to the laws of the game and impeccable judgment make him a trusted figure in the world of cricket officiating.

Rashid Riaz (Pakistan)

A rising star in the umpiring fraternity, Rashid Riaz showcases a blend of talent and dedication. His commitment to upholding the spirit of cricket makes him a valuable addition to the PSL 2024 roster.

Faisal Afridi (Pakistan)

Faisal Afridi’s passion for cricket shines through in his officiating, earning him accolades from players and fans alike. As a homegrown talent, Afridi embodies the spirit of PSL, making him a fan favorite.

Ruchira Palliyaguruge (Sri Lanka)

Bringing an international perspective to the PSL, Ruchira Palliyaguruge represents Sri Lanka with pride. His diverse experience and deep understanding of the game enrich the umpiring team, ensuring fairness and transparency.

Asif Yaqoob (Pakistan)

With a sharp eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Asif Yaqoob leaves no room for error in his officiating. As a local talent, Yaqoob’s passion for the game fuels his dedication to fair play.

Alex Wharf (England)

Alex Wharf’s calm and composed demeanor under pressure makes him a valuable asset to the PSL 2024 umpiring panel. His consistent decision-making and unwavering focus elevate the standard of officiating.

Nasir Hussain (Pakistan)

Nasir Hussain’s deep-rooted understanding of the nuances of cricket makes him a trusted figure in the umpiring community. His impartiality and integrity set the benchmark for fair play in PSL 2024.

Imran Jawed (Pakistan)

As a seasoned umpire, Imran Jawed brings a wealth of experience to the PSL 2024 season. His unwavering commitment to fairness and accuracy ensures that every match is officiated with integrity.

Muhammad Asif (Pakistan)

Rounding off the esteemed lineup of umpires is Muhammad Asif, whose passion for the game shines through in his officiating. His attention to detail and unwavering focus make him a reliable presence on the field.

The Refereeing Crew

Roshan Mahanama (Sri Lanka)

As a former cricketer turned match referee, Roshan Mahanama brings a unique perspective to the role. His understanding of the game’s intricacies and commitment to sportsmanship make him an invaluable asset to PSL 2024.

Ali Naqvi (Pakistan)

Hailing from Pakistan, Ali Naqvi’s transition from player to match referee underscores his deep-rooted passion for cricket. His impartiality and integrity ensure that every match is conducted with fairness and transparency.

Muhammad Javed (Pakistan)

Completing the trio of match referees is Muhammad Javed, whose calm demeanor and astute judgment make him a respected figure in the cricketing community. His unwavering commitment to upholding the spirit of the game sets the tone for PSL 2024.

As the cricketing world gears up for PSL 2024, it’s essential to recognize the invaluable contributions of umpires and match officials. From maintaining order on the field to upholding the integrity of the game, these unsung heroes play a crucial role in ensuring that every match is a fair and enjoyable spectacle for players and fans alike.

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